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O'Brien Textiles was founded in 1980. Specialising in Fabric sales and representing many leading producers around the world the company was the leading fabric supplier to the market.
In line with changing trends in the Industry in the eighties and nineties, primarily motivated by the arrival of the " Celtic Tiger" which created a new, and more attractive, job market for the traditional clothing industry employee along with the development of the low cost Asian supply markets, the company set up an off-shore processing operation in Poland to provide highly skilled and competitive managed production options for Irish and UK companies.
This processing operation has been extended into Romania and more recently to Serbia, offering a substantial range of manufacturing and sourcing options to all sectors of the Textile Industry.
The company, employing 20 people, has established a number of working partnerships, with a variety of Irish and UK Companies, producing in excess of 2,000,000 pieces per year.
O'Brien Textiles Ltd., provide an effective "one stop shop", a comprehensive and complete service including logistics, customs and documentation co-ordination, account management, quality control and reporting procedures. This enables our clients to concentrate their efforts on Design and Marketing confident in the knowledge that their production is being handled professionally and punctually.
We pride ourselves on providing a fast, efficient and pro-active service and are constantly looking for new and more cost efficient options for our clients.